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*Prior to arriving to work you must feel and be 100% healthy.  Max temperature allowed it 37.5 C, anything above is deemed unsafe to work.  Refer to BCCDC website for Covid 19 symptoms and protocols.

*In the event that you get sick while on shift, you should always have a person as back up to be able to pick you up and drive you home in case you are unable to drive yourself.

*There will always be a back up server scheduled for each event in case an illness does arise.

*You may be required by client to dress in clean uniform upon arrival, if yes I will give you clear instruction on where you will be able to change and store personal belongings.

*Aprons are mandatory during shift at all times.

*Please ensure you come to each shift with your own wine crank and pen and paper if needed to eliminate sharing.

*Prior to arriving at any events I will have clear instructions on where to park, which entrance to use and where the server station will be located.

*It is mandatory to wash your hands once you have found the serving station with warm soapy water for 20 seconds.

*Hand and surface sanitizer (covid 19 approved), cloths, disposable masks and gloves if necessary will be provided for each event.

*Ensure the mask and gloves if necessary are worn during entire duration of event.  Please refer to WCB guidelines on how to put on and maintain your mask through durations of shift.

*Try to maintain safe physical distance (2 meters) as much as possible when working in the servers area as well as the caterers space.

*Sanitize hands, serving trays, counters and communal equipment frequently, especially between serving and clearing drinks and plates.

*Regular hand washing should occur every 30 minutes with warm soapy water for 20 seconds.

* Hand washing should also occur:

-upon shift arrival

-before and after breaks

-after touching or clearing tables

-after sneezing coughing or nose blowing

-after touching face or hair

*Ensure there is a common traffic flow for servers during dinner service so you can easily avoid close contact.

*When serving tables try to maintain as much distance as possible between yourself and the guests.

*Ensure there is an allotted space at each table to place drinks and plated food for the guests to pick up themselves. 

*Ensure if needed there are water jugs available so guests can refill themselves

*Ensure wine is prepped and opened for guests to pour themselves, unless otherwise specified.

*If there is coffee service avoid picking up cups for refills.

*If possible arrange certain staff to deliver drinks and plates and certain staff to clear.

*If applicable allow guests to pack their own food into take away container.

*Ensure minimal contact in Caterers work space

*Carry 2 plates at a time and hold plates underneath with thumb on rim. 

*Use only stem of wine glass and handles on cups when placing on tables.

*Bathroom counters, faucets and other touch points will need to be sanitized frequently (every 30 min) there will be one designated staff to look after this area if requested by the client.

*I will do my best to create the same staff bubbles for all upcoming events.

*Please report to Zuzana via text after each shift with brief on concerns and success of event.

*Most importantly keep calm and keep your smile on! Although our guests may not see it, they most certainly will feel it!

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